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Whether faced with difficult decisions in the care of a loved one, planning for the future, or handling matters after the passing of family member or friend, our firm can offer legal counsel and guidance in the areas of Elder Law, Guardianship, Special Needs Trusts, Probate and Estate Planning.


Guardianship is a court created and administered process designed to protect the physical, mental, and financial well-being of an adult who is in need of care due to developmental disability, injury, or disease, or a minor that is in need of care or that stands to receive or inherit money.  Our firm is aware of the often difficult and emotional decision to pursue guardianship for a disabled or incapacitated loved one who is in need of care and assistance. To learn more about guardianships and the options available in assisting someone in need  of care and assistance, visit Texas Guardianship Law: Understanding and Navigating the Process or follow our Blog for news and updates on Texas guardianship and our other areas of practice.


Probate is the legal process by which the estate of a deceased individual is administered and settled, establishing rights to property for the beneficiaries named in a will or heirs that may exist at law, subject to the just debts and costs of administration of an estate.  Frequently, probate is referred to as a time intensive and cost extensive process.  In practice, however, probate can be a very time efficient and cost effective process--especially in the state of Texas that continues to create and revise simplified probate procedures to enhance Texans' access to administrating the estate of deceased loved ones.  To understand more about the alternatives that exist in administering and settling an estate after a loved one's passing, visit Texas Probate Law: Procedures, Alternatives, and Settling an Estate.

Special Needs Planning and Special Needs Trusts

Special needs planning focuses on how best to meet the needs of a loved one who is disabled and in need or will become in need of assistance.  In this area, our firm counsels our clients through the care planning process, public benefits program eligibility with programs like SSI and Medicaid, resource referrals, and special needs trusts formation, modification, and trust advising.  Special needs trusts can be used to maintain public benefits eligibility for a loved one in need of the services offered by public benefits programs while supplementing the needs of your loved one that public benefits programs do not cover.  To understand more about special needs planning, visit Special Needs Planning: Creating and Enhancing Systems of Support.

Estate Planning

Our firm has extensive experience in creating estate plans for our clients, including wills, trusts, statutory durable powers of attorney dealing with financial matters, medical powers of attorney, and directives to physicians commonly known as "living wills."  Estate planning is about effectively planning for seen and unforeseen contingencies in life up to and including death or incapacity.  A good and periodically reviewed estate plan creates comfort in providing assurance that you have taken the steps necessary for you and those you care about.  To see more about estate planning options, visit Estate Planning: Creating a Plan for the Future.

Other Areas of Practice

Aside form our firm's primary areas of practice, he advises and represents clients in other civil matters, including family law, property tax, consumer law, and personal injury related to his principle areas of practice.