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Special Needs Planning: Have a family plan!

Posted by John Henry | Aug 24, 2014 | 0 Comments

One of the biggest concerns for families with members who have special needs is "Am I doing enough?"  In my office, we respond with a phrase which is "The best advocate your loved one will ever have is you."  Keeping that in mind, a family with a member or members who have special needs must develop a plan. Organizations like the Arc of the United States and its state and local chapters like the Arc of Texas are great resources for all members of the family.  

Organizations like the Arc and local affiliate groups of schools can be of great assistance with issues like understanding changes to benefits systems like Medicaid and its managed care model that affects Texans with special needs.  Understanding that all members of the family are people with varying needs helps to foster an atmosphere of love and care.  Creating a family plan and, of course, an individualized plan for those with special needs is key to creating a forward progression for the whole family.  Subsequent entries will follow about keys to developing a family plan and available resources.

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